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A four star review for Marriage Is Ordained of God but Who Came Up With Dating by Heidi on Goodreads

"I was a little wary going into this book, since I'm almost 30 and wondered how much would be written that was applicable to me or how much would seem a bit young. The first few chapters--talking to those 21/18 and under was abit young for me. But well-done chapters and ones I would recommend to any teen. They would have been nice for me to read when I was that age."

"The rest of the book was perfect for me. I think I connected with it more because I could see what he was saying in past examples I've had during my dating years. I understood and agreed with what he said because I had experienced much of it for myself. But so much is applicable for those of us of in the marriageable age of the dating stages. In fact, I wonder how much I would have gotten from this if I'd read it when I was 19 and not had as many of the experiences. I'm not sure how well I would have connected, or remembered. Then again, it certainly could not have hurt my shy, socially-nervous self! I sincerely doubt if I'd read this as a 16-year old that I would have remembered (or related) to as much. There was SO much for the marriageable age. I probably would have tuned out a bunch because it was "too far off" for me to see in my life."

"I can definitely say that this book has SCADS of great advice and counsel for me and for all of my single friends--as long as they go in with a humble, teachable, eager to learn heart and spirit."

A three star review for Marriage Is Ordained of God But Who Came Up with Dating? by Michelle Llewellyn on Goodreads

"Published by Cedar Fort (whose fiction has never impressed me) this was my first experience reading a nonfiction title by this company and I have to admit I was impressed. The eyecatching cover, the author's writing style and research-this book is filled with great quotes and advice. Looking suspiciously like many of the guys I get set up on blind dates with, Chas Hathaway covers every aspect of navigating the stormy, often lonely waters of the LDS single life. He's not afraid to express his opinions about the evils of pornography or gay marriage threatening the Lord's plan of family creation. Best line from the entire book can be found in the introduction, to paraphrase-"If you marry just for the sake of getting married you've missed the point." Written more for the tweens and teens just entering the dating scene (or lack of one) Chas reminds the reader of satan's many tools preventing temple marriage today and tackles many themes in just 36 short chapters: hanging out vs dating, immorality and immodesty, girls it's OK to ask the guys out, falling in love and ideas for dating. This book suffers from lack of good editing, but hey, it's Cedar Fort. Many of the chapters tend to repeat themselves but overall, not a bad read. Like I said, it's geared more toward the youth of the church. Read it and pass it on to the teens." 

"On that note, I also think this book could have benefited greatly by Chas including some insights from the LDS female perspective. He climed his wife was too shy to get involved while he was writing this but, come on, no respectable LDS family ward is complete without the one spinster who always has an opinion to share."

"To single, never married young men out there, take some of this book's advice to heart. Maybe there wouldn't be such a growing minority of lovely single LDS sisters struggling with the fairytale that we're making temple marriage out to be-like an unobtainable goal only for the best looking, wealthiest, most desireable people. There is just so much more that could've been included in this book. Sad how much better it might've been with more personal stories from lots of singles instead of just one solitary guy named Chas and his success story of how he survived the LDS single life."

A five star review for Marriage Is Ordained of God But Who Came Up with Dating? by Roseanne Wilkins on Goodreads

"For anyone who has been frustrated over trying to explain the reasons behind the LDS standards on dating, this is a wonderful guide to hand over to your teens. Quotes from general authorities are mixed with scriptures and coupled with Chas Hathaway's casual writing style. This book is either going to be read in Family Home Evening at my house or I'm going to bribe the teens to read it one at a time (I'll think of something). The early chapters are dedicated to pre-teen and teen standards. The book goes from there to after-missionary/college dating and touches lightly on dating for older singles. There is also some good advice for married couples. Well written. I'd recommend it for any LDS home. My next stop is to read Chas's other book, Giraffe Tracks."

A three star review for Giraffe Tracks by moboco on Amazon

"If you are looking for an inside look at relationships between blacks and whites in post-apartheid South Africa, this book is not for you. I would have liked to have read more on the relationship between black Mormons and white Mormons, and between blacks and whites generally, but this is little mentioned if at all. The book is basically a returned missionary writing about his missionary experiences. If you are a Latter-day Saint and have received a mission call to South Africa, I think you would enjoy this book and would highly recommend it to you. The author shares his experiences as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in South Africa from 1998-2000. The book is divided into nice bite-size chapters, where the author shares both humorous and also faith promoting experiences. Readers will learn about some strange (to Americans) African customs. I wish the author had included the pronunciation of African words right after them (tsebe = ts-ay'-bay)) so that I knew how to say them. He provides a pronunciation guide at the end of the end of the book, but as I was reading it on my Kindle, I did not discover that until the end. The book is laced with nice little "sermonettes" of principles that he learned on his mission that helped him (and this reader) understand how to live a more faithful, Christlike life. I believe "Giraffe Tracks" is a part of the "sacred history" of the Restoration."

"In summary, if you want to know about what it is like to be a LDS Missionary life in South Africa, buy the book. If you are only interested in Black/White relations in post apartheid South Africa, you will be disappointed."

A review (and an interview with Chas) for Marriage is Ordained of God, but Who Came Up With Dating? by Misty Moncur 

"I had to wonder what makes a book like this come about.  I KNOW Chas did a lot of research for the book and in it quotes many of the general authorities, but when I started reading it, I saw that he also uses a lot of his personal experiences.  From the very first page, Chas's book is chock full of common sense information for people in (and around) their dating years, which is somewhat embarrassing because Chas introduces concepts I know I never thought about when I was dating."

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