Life in the Spirit World

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We’re all going to die. That’s no mystery. The question we all have is, what then? And while many believe in an afterlife, even they wonder what it will be like. Will our families be there? Will there be earth-like landscapes? Will our pets be there? What about forests, lakes, flowers, and gardens? Will there be houses? Cities? Technology?

What about books, art, music, and dancing? Will we work? What does a day in the life of a spirit in the spirit world look like? Feel like? Smell like? Sound like?I suppose most of us won’t know for certain before we get there, but by gathering what abundant information has been shared from the thousands of near-death experiences that have been publicly shared to date—there is still a great deal we can learn.

Chas Hathaway is the host and producer of Near-Death Experience Podcast (, a program that shares hundreds of near-death experiences by ordinary people across the world. As an author, musician, happy husband and father of six, Chas hopes to make the best of every day of this life, and looks forward to the truly exciting adventure awaiting in the next.