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Three Mother's Day favorites: Love at Home, Simple Gifts, and For the Beauty of the Earth, in one download package.

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Love at Home

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Simple Gifts

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For The Beauty Of The Earth

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My mom is amazing. I love her so much! I hope you get a chance to reflect on the blessing of your own mother. If you are a mother, DON'T let this season discourage you! Remember, it's not about you, it's about your mother. Remember her, appreciate her, love her.

I found a little story among my Grandma's writings, and thought it might be a fun thing to share. This took place in about 1919 or 1920.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Kindergarten Song
by Leola Jex Freshwater Curtis

I still remember the morning so long ago when I went with my older cousin to practice for a Mother's Day program. My cousin seemed so unafraid, so unconcerned. But then she was old enough to go to school, and I was just learning to leave home.

I remember saying, “I wish my Mamma could come too.”

“Silly goose,” she said, “how could she come now, when it is a surprise for her?”

I tried to not shake too much as I went inside the building, but I remember how lonely I felt. Even when our neighbor, sister Brown came towards me, smiling. I felt a little better when she took my hand an told me where to sit.

In a way it was exciting, being with the other children, and hearing the music. I liked the sound of the piano with its tinkle sound. Not at all like Grandma's organ.

We practiced how to sing, and it was easy to follow the music, but the words were hard to remember. That is why we sang it over and over. We practiced lots of days.

Finally it was time for the Mammas to come to hear it. So she made me a pretty dress. It had ribbons and lace and flowers that Mamma sewed on it, just for me. We both liked that dress a lot. She called me her little Princess and I felt like one, too.

It was such a sunshiny day when we were walking to the program. Mamma was pushing the baby buggy with her baby in it, and Ruby and I were walking by her side.

All the children that were in the program had to sit up front by the teachers, so I found my place. Mamma sat right down there on the front row, so Ruby could see, too. It was fun to watch all the mothers come in and take their places. My my Mamma was the prettiest of all of them. She had such pink cheeks, and blue eyes and the darkest brown hair. But mostly she was so smiling and happy looking.

The music started playing, and it was like rain drops falling in the water, with the sparkles of sunshine on it, too, and green grass and flowers all around the water. How I loved to listen to that piano playing and make up pictures in my mind.

Sister Brown made the signal for us to stand up, and we did. Then her hand came down with the music and we started to sing the first line of the song, “Oh, I had such a pretty dream, Mamma...”

I can't remember all the words to that song, and it isn't in our song book any more. All I remember is that it is a song about a child who sees a beautiful angel, “All sparkling and shining with dew. She touched me and spoke, and I quickly awoke. And I found then, dear Mamma, 'twas you.”

I was singing the worlds straight to my mother. To me she was a beautiful angel. She was so beautiful the way she was smiling and looking just at me, and I loved her so very much!

After the program was over, the mothers kissed and hugged the children. My Mamma did, too. And she told me I did good. I felt so warm inside and happy. I hummed the music all the way home.

Mamma wanted me to sing the song for Papa so he could hear it too. I was glad I could. Then later, she asked me to sing it for Grandma and I sang it again, but I started to wonder about something.

That evening, after supper, we had company drop in, and Mamma told me to sing the song for them. I told her I didn't want to.

“She's probably tired,” Mamma told them. Then she told me to get ready for bed.

Mamma didn't come to hear my prayers. She was busy with company and sent Papa.

“It's the song,” I told Papa. “I wanted it to be just for Mamma. But she wants it to be for everybody.”

Papa didn't laugh. He just nodded and smiled a little bit and said, “It's all right. Your Mamma didn't know how you felt. She was just so proud because you can sing so well. She just wanted everyone to hear your sweet voice singing.”

I thought about it a little while, and I felt better. Then I kissed Papa and told him I was ready for my prayers.

Mamma came in before I went to sleep. She kissed me goodnight. She told me she loved me and was proud of me. I believed her. I still remember how happy it made me that night so long ago.