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For the Beauty of the Earth Sheet Music, with the help of Bach's 1st Prelude

A new age piano solo arrangement of the favorite hymn, For the Beauty of the Earth, combined with an arrangement of Bach's 1st Prelude in C Major.

If you're ever struggling spiritually, take a walk. Look around at the beauty of the world. Notice the grass, flowers, trees, and mountains. Notice the people, birds, and wildlife. Notice the ground and sky. Notice the colors, and the finer, quieter details.

Then say a prayer, as you walk. Thank your Heavenly Father for the beauty surrounding you. Get specific. Thank him for the fragrance of damp flowers, for gentle breezes, and the ever changing canvas that is the painting in the sky.

Then thank Him for your family, home, job, car, talents, gifts, and opportunities. Again, be specific. Walk as long as you can, and spend the entire time thanking Him for things, large and small.

I can promise you that not only will you find more beauty in the world around you, but you'll find your heart longing to be closer to God. You'll find your motivation to do what's right strengthening and expanding.

Then thank the Lord for that.

In doing so, not only will your life get better, but you'll find others thanking you for the beauty you provide in their lives. In short, you will become more. You will make the world more beautiful.