Play by Ear, Write by Heart

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Playing the Piano and Composing Music without Reading Notes.

Playing and composing music at the piano can be easy, fun, and incredibly rewarding, and you don't even need to know how to read notes to do it. When you learn to play by ear, you'll be able to play your favorite music by imitating what you hear. That ability is an incredible gift, but it's a gift that isn't limited to a few. Nearly all people have sufficient ability to develop this talent. All it takes is guided practice. Once you start having a little success with it, you can use that ability to create your own unique, original music. Using a few of the tips and tools suggested in this book, you can start composing right away.

Composing this way is so enjoyable that you'll find it positively addictive. You'll surprise yourself with the way your music touches the lives of those around you. So let's get started. You've got music to write. 90 pgs.