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The Dream Sheet Music
New age piano solo arrangement by Chas Hathaway.

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Over the centuries, prophets, mystics, and philosophers have compared our lives to a dream. And why not? Dreams are the ultimate illusion-the one place where we can exist outside of reality and yet be convinced that all we see is absolutely real. And isn't this life an illusion?

Even scientifically, we are built of molecules surrounded by empty space, each exerting force against the others to give the illusion of material. Each molecule is made up of atoms that are mostly empty space, other than a few protons, neutrons, and electrons (which in size comparison to the whole are like a few %ies in a cathedral). So powerful are their forces to bind and repel through space that, again we have the illusion of material. Each proton is made up of even smaller particles called quarks, surrounded again by empty space.

If all that we see and feel is made up of empty space, other than a few smaller substances also made up primarily of empty space, and if we can assume this tendency continues to the in nite degree, then the physical world as we know it is nothing but a grand illusion. But it is an e+ective one. After all, within the illusion are people, plants, animals, fungus, and bacteria, all of which are independent life forms that exist beyond their physical form. And if we can assume for a moment that even the most benign substance either comes from or exists as some sort of life form (which I believe is probably the case), then we can assume that everything has some sort of life. And in that sense, everything is made up of life.

We are life. Yet we exist in a grand illusion, where all that we see and experience is also life-but not the substance we think we see. Just as we still exist in the illusion we call dreaming, so does every life form exist in this illusion we call reality.

No wonder our lives are compared to a dream. In essence, this life is the dream that makes up our reality. And when we wake from the dream, and see things as they really are, well, let's just say that will be an exciting experience, to be sure.