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We Three Kings Sheet Music

New age piano solo arrangement by Chas Hathaway.

We Three Kings

If the shepherds of Jerusalem were the common people, joyful to receive the message of the Messiah, the wise men were those who sought for Him their entire lives. They searched, they watched, and they prepared, so that when the sign appeared, they came.

They didn't need the angel to declare glad tidings, because they knew the Lord was coming. They didn't need to hear the heavenly choirs to recognize the message of His coming.

Why? Because they sought for Him their entire lives. They wanted to be there so badly that they prepared long before it was time to go.

No matter where we are in our own relationship to the Savior, let us seek Him now. He will come again, but let's not wait for the angelic announcement. Let's seek Him now. Let's study His word, practice His teachings, and serve as He served. Then, when it comes our time to meet Him, we will be ready.

That's what wise men and women do.