Marriage is Ordained of God, but WHO Came up with Dating?

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A Humorous Guide to Help You Succeed in Dating

Navigating the dating world can be tricky, but with this humorous guide in hand, youíll soon be on your way to finding the spouse for you! from advice about the pre-dating years to suggestions for the first year of marriage, Chas Hathaway expertly leads you through the various stages of dating, teaching you to hold onto your values to find success. inside youíll learn

  • how to flirt and do it right
  • the doís and doníts of hanging out
  • the benefits of group dating in high school
  • how to catch someoneís eye without blinding them
  • ways to heal after a breakup
  • and much more!

Filled with personal stories and quotes from latter-day prophets, this book is perfect for singles, parents, and leaders. Learn the ins and outs of dating and have fun falling in love for time and eternity!